Big Weekend Trough

I’ve got some catching up to do since I was on a business trip to NWA this week. Although that trip did allow me to catch the first of the two game set against N. Colorado at Baum Tuesday. I have some mediocre pictures from my point and shoot I’ll be posting at my flickr account that I’ll link to in a post this weekend. On to the news…

Don’t forget that EAS Razorfest and the Spring Red-White game are tomorrow. The NFL Draft is also this weekend. Here is a look at all the hogs most likely to be drafted…I’ll get back to McFadden in a moment.

Hog LB Freddie Fairchild pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of third degree battery and second degree false imprisonment stemming from an arrest earlier this month. Here’s the final practice wrapups from the Razorbloggers…4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/22, 4/24. Here’s a good article on Defensive Coordinator Willy Robinson and outtakes from the article touching on his major off-season knee surgery.

Since I last did a trough the Diamond Hogs have been on somewhat of a hot streak, winning 5 out of their last 6. First they bounced back over the loss to ORU with a 9-1 win over Alcorn St.. They then won their second consecutive SEC series against then #30 Tennessee…UA 5-UT 4, UA 5- UT 4, UT 7-UA 6. They then took both games of a two game set midweek against Northern Colorado…UA 9- UNCo 2, and UA 7-UNCo 1. I Just want to take a sec and say that the daily spring practice and the post game wrap ups that the Razorbloggers do are fantastic. Those posts are a somewhat thankless job and I just wanted to point out the great work they do. Thanks again.

While I was gone I also missed the Patrick Beverley “I’m Leaving” mania. Beverley apparently updated the status on his page to “I’m Leaving”. During last weekend’s Real Deal on the Hill Beverley also told reporters that he had “No Comment” on the reports. Rumors started swirling that he was headed to USF, reuniting with former Head Hog Stan Heath. Finally, during an interview with a Tampa Bay paper, Beverley’s Mom stated he was staying at Arkansas (She apparently talked him out of it).

Speaking of Mothers…Darren McFadden’s Mom had some choice comments regarding her son playing in either New York, for the Jets, or Oakland. In the article in the LA Times an Arkansas Coach is quoted as saying D-Mac will be bringing the whole family to where ever he’s drafted. One thing he won’t be bringing to NYC is a Dress for the Draft. He’s also been in talks with the Patriots and talks about his most recent ESPN the Magazine photo shoot. The expats also mention his honest and open policy about his family and past.

And Finally…

Sophomores Michelle Stout and Casey Jo Magee became the first Lady Razorbacks gymnasts to earn All-America honors Thursday, leading 11th-ranked Arkansas to a fifth-place finish in Session 1 of the NCAA Championships

Final Predictions

South Carolina
The Ole Ball Coach gets close but the Hogs pull it out.
Hogs 24-The other USC 21

I can’t see Fulmer letting his team forget last years embarrassment. Not at home anyway.
Hogs 24-Vols 35

Mississippi State
The bulldogs fight valliantly to protect Croom’s job and fall just short.
Hogs 35-Dogs 31

The Class of the SEC shows Arkansas how to close out a Championship regular season
Hogs 14-LSU 35

Regular Season 9-3
We’ll tie Bama for 2nd in the west, losing the tiebreaker due to the early season loss. We’ll end up in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl versus either the Sooners or Okie St. McFadden realizes it’s his last game as a Hog and literally carries us to a suprise win.
Hogs 35-Whomever 31

Overall 10-3
McFadden Finishes 2nd in Heisman Voting.

We’ll revisit this after new years.

Vols, Hogs should be class of SEC

If the SEC coaches are to be believed, Tennessee and Arkansas can look forward to successful seasons ahead. Both programs had praise heaped upon them during the SEC summer hoop coaches teleconference. We’ll see if they were blowing smoke when the SEC Coaches Preseason Rankings come out in a few months.