The Trough

I’m going to play catch up with a few links I missed from earlier in the week that I was too sick to post on at the time.

The Cross Country Team won the South Central Regional and earned a trip to the NCAA championships. Dana Altman has his Creighton Basketball Team to thank for this hilarious video. Ladyback Basketball Freshman Whitney Zachariason has decided to transfer. Arkansas freshman forward Michael Sanchez has asked Coach Pelphrey for a redshirt. Finally AOL Fanhouse picks thru the FOIA’ed Emails recieved by Mitch Mustain’s Lawyers and finds out that Diana Nutt, Houston’s Wife, wouldn’t mind if Beck Campbell died.

Pre-game Trough

The person I’ve been referring to as ZookNutt! goes by the name Reaganite on the boards and had this to report. Strange Stuff. The Cross Country Team Won the Chili Pepper Festival. AOL says McFadden’s Heisman hopes hinge on this game. I agree. For second straight week someone in the gameday crowd wants Nutt fired (Hattip Hog Blogger). The Expats have a Hodge-Podge up with things I was holding for this post, so instead I’ll point you in their direction. The Democrat-Gazette FOIA’d the UA and found out that Danny Nutt is still employed by the university. Arkansas Tennis finds Success in South Carolina via Hogwired.