FTB:Victory on the Plains puts Hogs back on Track

This Week From The Bench…

Beating Auburn was a feel good win because you have to love it when Auburn is more messed up than the Hogs.

After the supposed moral victory last week in only allowing Florida to score 38 on the Hogs at home, the win against the Tigers was real. Auburn was a good team and just a few weeks removed from the top 10, but it is now a team that has lost on back-to-back weekends to Vanderbilt and now Arkansas. After firing their offensive coordinator, they are definitely reeling.


FTB: Florida Was Not a Moral Victory for Hapless Hogs

This Week From The Bench…

While the Petrino surrogates in the media would like you to believe otherwise, this may be the 100-year flood for Razorback football ? it is one of the worst teams fielded by the University in a century.

Yet what did we hear after the horrendous loss to Florida, a loss in which yet another team covered an embarrassing three-touchdown spread on Arkansas (with a touchdown to spare added by Florida)?


Saturday Trough

I didn’t have time to update the Slobberin’ story to a full Trough so I’ve got some news to share…

Patrick Beverly won’t be playing for the Hogs this season. Reports say it involves to academics.

Brandon Lampkin, a reserve defensive tackle, was taken to a hospital by ambulance after a neck injury during Friday’s practice, the first with pads this season. He was released Friday night and is in good condition. His Football status is unknown at this time. QB Ryan Mallett is profiled by the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. SI has the Hogs ranked 69th out of 119 FBS schools (via Expats). The Hogs are lumped in with “The Dregs” in an AOL Fanhouse preview. AOL Fanhouse also recaps the 07 SEC season and called Houston Nutt the biggest fraud. Auburn and Arkansas are joining the Spread revolution in the SEC. I didn’t link to this earlier this week but here’s the razorblogger wrapup of Media Day.

Veronica Campbell-Brown became the first Razorback in history to be chose to carry their country’s flag at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games (She carried Jamaica’s Flag). Former Hog Mitch Mustain got a break when USC starting QB Mark Sanchez injured his kneecap and will probably miss the season opener at Virginia. Mustain will compete for the starting spot against Aaron Corp for the start.

Darren McFadden had 48 yards on 12 carries during Oakland’s win over San Francisco last night. Marcus Monk had a catch for 14 yards in his debut for the Chicago Bears on Thursday. Vickiel Vaughn signed a deal with the Denver Broncos. Matt Jones was formally charged with possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) Friday. The amount of cocaine he allegedly had with him could have opened him up to a charge of possesion with intent to deliver.

Finally, two fun links for you. I stumbled across this site that has some great Razorback desktop wallpapers…Razorhack.org (for the wallpaper use this link). Most of you have probably see this already but, “Can you pass the Darren McFadden Test?” after the jump…

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Weekend Trough

I don’t have much time so I’ll hit the high points (like I don’t already do that)….

Here’s this week’s Practice Wrapups 4/5, 4/6, 4/8, 4/10. They’ll Scrimmage today. The Sporting News ranks Petrino 10th best coach in the SEC. The Razorbloggers Recap what they’ve seen so far. DMac has some videos about the Wildhog and last year’s Hog Backfield up on his blog. Speaking of Darren, He’s on the cover of ESPN the magazine’s Draft Special.

Nolan Richardson was elected to the College Basketball Hall of Fame, along w/Billy Packer. Which leads to another sign the relationship between Richardson and the UA is on the mend. Guard Ben Hansbrough, UNC Tarheel Tyler Hansbrough’s little brother, has been granted his release from Mississippi St. and is interested in the Hogs. Former Lady’back Lauren Ervin was selected in the 3rd round of the WNBA Draft by the Connecticut Sun. The Diamond Hogs Continue to struggle. After winning Last Saturday, 5-4, to tie the series with Auburn, they lost it in heartbreaking fashion 12-10 in 10 innings. Then Oral Roberts came in and thumped the hogs 9-4 at Baum. They head to Florida this weekend.

Saturday Trough

A quick trough for your Saturday…

Bobby Petrino’s father got ran over by an Arkansas WR during practice yesterday…He’s okay. Cornerback Jerell Norton appears to have pulled a hamstring during the practice. WR Crosby Tuck had a bad day. Redshirt freshman Tim Dial, who was a weakside linebacker, has left the team. All of the previous stories are covered HERE. Here is the round up of Friday’s Practice Reports. AS360 visits with SI’s Stewart Mandel about Bobby Petrino. Finally the rescheduling of the Texas game from 2009 to 2015 is official per AD Jeff Long.

The Diamond Hogs still can’t find their bats in a 5-2 loss to Auburn. AS360 talks to the resident diamond hog on their staff, Brent Birch, about their turbulent season. They also link to some video from Sonny Weem’s win in the National Slam Dunk Contest. Lastly, Arkansas won it’s 10th-straight Texas Relays title in the 4×1,500-meter relay Friday.

Tommy Bowden…

Arkansas appears to be on the way to hiring Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden as Houston’s replacement. What scares me is the thought of this being the second coming of Nutt, Another 8-4 Coach. FYI Long and Bowden used to coach together at Duke during the 1980’s and the Clemson AD is former hog Terry Don Phillips. Anyway here’s your linkage…

The Morning News says the Board of Trustees was set to have a conference call to discuss a financial package but hit a snag. The Expats aren’t terribly excited. Here’s the Razorbloggers Roundup. AS360 say all signs point to Bowden and it wouldn’t be a bad hire either. Although, Tuberville is leaving room for doubt. And Fanblogs has a story up.

Sunday Trough

With an interception return for a touchdown, LSU clinched the SEC title and (apparently) punched Arkansas’ ticket to the Cotton Bowl. Les Miles also announced he was staying at LSU and has already worked out a contract extension. (Thanks Les) This leaves Tommy Tuberville open to accept the Arkansas Head Coaching Job (We’ll See). Also, there is reaction coming in about the 4 Rebels on the hog coaching staff recruiting for Ole Miss while still employed by Arkansas. Wally sounds upset.

Tub Update Trough

The only new report from the Tuberville story is that a source close to him told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that, although Auburn has offered the previously mentioned contract extension, He’s still a candidate. Also there was a weird google quirk that is talked about regarding the Oregon Head Coach. ESPN Is reporting that LSU head man Les Miles is taking the Michigan job. He’ll be introduced next week. How does this directly affect Arkansas’ Search? Tuberville might have been waiting to sign his Auburn extension so he could pounce on that job, not Arkansas’. Matterral Richardson’s interception to win the LSU game has been named last weeks Pontiac Game Changing Performance. He garnered 38% of the vote. Houston is taking 5 coaches of his to Ole Miss. I know I’m shocked too. The Hogs Baseball groundskeeper is leaving to take the same job with the NW Ark. Naturals (Kansas City AA affiliate out of Springdale)-fyi this article was improperly formatted, start the article at FAYETTEVILLE- then when you reach the bottom, start back at the top.

As The Tub Turns

All was mostly quiet on Friday when it came to the Arkansas Coaching Search. Reports leaked that Auburn has offered Tuberville a 2 year contract extension that would bring his average yearly salary thru 2012 to 3.3 million a year. Arkansas has reportedly offered $3.7 Million a year for 10 years. Tuberville avoided Alabama press today when he returned from a one day hunting trip to West Helena, Arkansas. Chancellor John white emailed The Morning News with the following to say…

“Jeff will take the time necessary to secure a highly qualified head coach for our football team,”

“He is keeping me fully informed, and I am pleased with his progress.”


KNWA-TV Broke into programming tonight to report that multiple sources told them that Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville is going to be the next head coach at Arkansas. The rest of the sports blogosphere is running with the story eventhough KNWA plainly states nothing has been signed and it’s all subject to change. The Slophouse blog has a few tidbits they’re trying to tie together about a cotton farmer/booster in West Helena and a hunting trip Tuberville just embarked on. The 12 year old in me squeals with excitement at the thought. The 27 year old man remembers the “Gillispie to Arkansas” stories just months ago. I’ll trust my older self and will wait to break open the bubbly on this “news”…

UPDATE: The Slophouse has confirmed that Tuberville was on that plane and was in Stuttgart Thursday. (see link below)

Fanblogs.com (Orignators of the KNWA video)
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The Hogblogger

FTB:How did the Hogs Fall apart this much?

Robert Shields Looks Down From the Bench on “Mount Doom”….

Fade to black or some might say, “And cut.” Probably one of the last chapters of the Houston Nutt era was filmed by ESPN this past Saturday night against Auburn, a game not destined to be an instant classic. As has been the pattern over history, Fayetteville became the romper room again, or the crying field if you like that term better. I have always referred to the stadium as Mount Doom because of the horrendous home-field advantage there.


Auburn-9 Arkansas-7

Well, I take back what I said earlier, THIS is the nail in DMac’s Heisman Hopes and Houston’s career at Arkansas. Welcome to 0-3 in the SEC. I don’t think the missed Tejada field gold would’ve mattered. Auburn would’ve just gone for it on 4th down on the last drive and scored a TD to seal it. This sucks.