The Best QB’s In The SEC

In the first of a series, AOL Fanhouse is ranking the quarterbacks in the SEC. Casey Dick sips in at #10.

…his #1 priority will probably be to hand the ball to McFadden and get the hell out of the way.


Inside Mississippi St’s Blowouts

Inspired by Ryan Ferguson’s Croomed feature on AOL Fanhouse, fellow Fanhouse blogger Andy Katzer looked up more stats in the SEC and found out how bad the Bulldogs really are.

* all but one SEC team has beaten MSU by at least 14 points
* all but two SEC teams have beaten MSU by at least 14 in Starkville
* all but three SEC teams have beaten MSU by at least 17 in Starkville

Now I’ll let you guess how Arkansas fits into this (see link below), but you can assume that they fall into one of the three above categories.

AOL Fanhouse

The Slop

I’m thinking of starting “The Slop” as an occasional feature to place stories I’d like to link to but don’t want to place a full post around. Let me know in the comments if you like these or not.

Who’ll Get Croomed?
AOL Fanhouse looks at which SEC coach will get “Croomed”. What’s Croomed you ask? Its when Mississippi St., coached by Sylvester Croom, achieves a major upset, and the coach of the losing team loses his job before the start of the next football season.

Which SEC Coach has the most blowout losses?
This list wrongly excludes Vandy, Kentucky, and both Mississippi schools.
Via AOL Fanhouse

Both Links were found via The Playing Field Blog