Good Night, Game Over, Drive Home Safely

Closed Go Hogs Go

Closed Go Hogs Go

Well, If you look at the enthusiasm that I followed up the “I’m sorry” post below you’ll realize that my updating this blog is pretty much over. I had a great time writing and running this blog. I hope you had a great time reading it. I’ll echo what I said in the last post about how I keep tabs on the hogs. The Razorbloggers and Expats are a great resource.

The thing that’s new, and has kind of replaced my posting here, is Twitter. I’ve found that during the baseball season several Twitterers keep people up to date inning by inning. So if you’re interested the people that I follow in regards to the Hogs and the SEC are…

ArkRazorbacks (official UA Twitter Acct), Razorbloggers, razorbackexpats, NWARobbie (NWA Times’ Robbie Neiswanger), wholehogsports, SECsportsupdate (official SEC Twitter Acct), moreSEConds (another official SEC Acct.), and eventhough he has posted yet….bobbypetrino.

Of course you can follow me at .

Thanks for sticking around and GO HOGS!

An Apology and An Update

I’m Sorry. I kinda abandoned this site twice now over the last 6 months. I intend to try to do some kind of weekly update going forward. I encourage you to visit the sites in the Links section. They update more frequently than I intend to. I’ll direct you to and as they are my favorite razorback sites. I hope you continue to visit and thanks again for stopping by. GO HOGS!

Hawg Blawg Update

With the main sports seasons drawing to a close, along with my work life speeding up, I won’t be posting as often as I’d like. I’ll try to get a trough up tonight after I (hopefully) attend my first game at Baum Stadium. I’ll have pics to post if I get to go. Have a great week!