Monday Trough

Houston kills plan for Hog Assistants Recruiting for Ole Miss. Tracking those Razorback Planes. What Would Orville Write? Step inside a Wally Hall Time Machine (Destination 1997). Rob Keys doesn’t like Houston Nutt’s Presence. Final BCS Rankings (Arkansas is 27th). Arkansas is 24th in the coaches poll, 25th in the AP. College Football News ranks the best bowls (Cotton Bowl is Ranked 7th). The SEC’s successful season. Sonny Weems will be back for Missouri State. Ladybacks basketball match best start in school history.

Sunday Trough

With an interception return for a touchdown, LSU clinched the SEC title and (apparently) punched Arkansas’ ticket to the Cotton Bowl. Les Miles also announced he was staying at LSU and has already worked out a contract extension. (Thanks Les) This leaves Tommy Tuberville open to accept the Arkansas Head Coaching Job (We’ll See). Also, there is reaction coming in about the 4 Rebels on the hog coaching staff recruiting for Ole Miss while still employed by Arkansas. Wally sounds upset.

Mid-Week Trough

I’m on vacation so I’ve sorta neglected the ole’ blog. So, this will be a big one…

Charles Thomas, Sonny Weems, Patrick Beverley, and Steven Hill were named to the Coaches All-SEC teams on Wednesday. The possible QB controversy I mentioned this weekend…it’s not happening. AS360 profiles Chuck Barrett. A recruiting breakdown for Nutt from ’03 to ’07. Over the Summer Patrick Beverley has changed his look and his game. Weston Dacus didn’t practice Wednesday, he needed the rest. Most have heard by now that Ben Cleveland wasn’t allowed on the sideline for Saturday’s Game…Here’s the story. Jillian Rosen, of the #10 Ladyback Cross Country team, was named SEC Freshman of the Year.

Tuesday Trough

The Razorbloggers look at the rest of the football schedule. The Hogblogger says DMac’s Heisman Hopes are Dead. Arkansas Sports 360 touches on DMac’s NFL Draft future. The Morning News thinks Felix is faster this year than DMac. Arkansas defensive end Adrian Davis is listed as Co-Starter after his performance at Ole Miss. QB Kale Pick, who had given Arkansas a verbal commitment, has backed out and verbally committed to Kansas. Arkansas Junior Jonathan Luigs has been named SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week.

The Trough Normal Edition Arkansas Razorback Videos
ESPN has some video’s regarding McFadden up. One about his “decision” to go pro and an interview that he had on ESPN’s First Take on Friday.

NCAA Won’t Reverse Text Message Ban
Coaches used to be able to text recruits and it was outlawed Aug. 1st. They were trying to get it repealed.

Sean Rochelle Promoted to Asst. Womens Ath. Dir
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Lady Backs Finalize Basketball Schedule
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