Razorstuff: Gillette Fusion Hog Razor

This borders on the ridiculous but available this July and August, exclusively at your local Large Super Central Buy Everything store, is the Gillette Fusion Razorback Razor…

Gillette Power Fusion Razorback Razor

Sometimes marketing cuts too close to the bone.

Gillette College Razor

RazorStuff: Big Red Celebriduck

I’m going to be introducing a new series focusing on the more weird, cool, outrageous, and stupid stuff that the UA has licensed. This series actually began with the Air Conditioning unit I profiled a couple of weeks back. I’ll probably run out of stuff to show with out your help. So, click the submit links tab on our front page and send me suggestions with “Razorstuff” in the subject. On to our first (second) find…

Big Red Celebriduck

The Big Red Celebriduck

It’s a Half Duck/Half Hog. It’s also $11.99 plus shipping.
Weird yet appealing. You can’t really tell from the thumbnail but if you look at the full size image you’ll notice that it does have the indentions for a snout on the end of it’s “bill”.

If you want one of these click the link below…

P.S. I don’t get any commission from the sale of these.