FTB:Football Drama spiraled to Mutually Assured Destruction

This Week From The Bench…

The interview with Mitch Mustain on the radio out in Southern California last week was very telling.

Many will e-mail me after this column telling me to let it go, but Mustain for better or worse will be a player forever etched in Razorback history. If it’s OK to discuss former players, then Mustain is still fair game especially considering the circumstances in which he left.

Plus it’s not fair to deny some fans the cross they bear for the mess that was created.


Game Day Trough

Before We tackle the basketball stuff lets round up the other Hog loose ends….Arkansas Baseball split a two game set against Van Horn’s former team, Nebraska…Tuesday-UN 6-UA 1 Wednesday- UN 4-UA 9. The Hogs were ranked #15 by CFN’s Hoops & Helmets Rankings (a combined ranking of a schools Basketball and Football program).

Now onto tonights game…Sonny Weems sprained his knee during practice on Tuesday…but he’ll play tonight. March 11, 1999 was the last time the Hogs won a NCAA tournament game. Arkansas has only faced Indiana one other time, a 75-70 loss in 1949. The Expats have a Q&A with Former Hog and current Buzz Radio Host Pat Bradley. The Razorbloggers look at tonight’s game. Pelphrey touched on “The Shot“, you know that shot taken by Christian Laettner in 1992 that knocked off Pelphrey and Kentucky in the Elite 8 during his press conference earlier this week. Bill Clinton might be at tonight’s game. Around the SEC Kentucky and Georgia lost their First Round NCAA tournament games. Ole Miss won their First Round NIT game. And Finally (via the Expats) Wally Hall put up his guide to Little Rock in his column on Thursday. Tre Baker or Arkansas Sports 360 pretty much rips it apart. Then Baker posted his own Alternate Guide to Little Rock for each of the visiting teams and it’s hilarious

Starkville fans, prepare to be amazed. Spread out across the metropolis are eating places called “McDonald’s”. You’ll be fascinated by the technology used to fulfill your gastrological indulgences: Watch as they make your hamburger from INSIDE the building. Listen as the French fry machine plays “Oye Como Va”. You won’t find sweet tea here, but you will be able to observe technology dispense your drink using an electronic pump device. Rest rooms are indoors as well, complete with running water.

Hope your bracket doesn’t get busted and GO HOGS!

FTB: Mandatory Goals for Bobby Petrino

This Week From The Bench…

New coach, new rules. I was not crazy about the last Razorback football coach, but you must admit he had a few accomplishments. To many, though, he and the team were mostly mired in mediocrity. The new guy has been hired so there is a new bar set, which is always to outperform you predecessor. So here goes my standards for Bobby Petrino ? anything less and he will be judged a failure by the fans. I would ask that someone in the UA athletic department print this and anonymously tape it to Petrino’s door so that we can all be on the same page.


Mid-Week Trough

Charles Thomas is Suspended for the Mississippi St. game. Pelphrey said…

“ I will say that as a head coach, I’ve never been more disappointed in a young man’s choices.”

Arkansas Business reports that Broyles brought $4.95 Billion to the Arkansas economy while at the UA (The headline is a typo). Memphis’ John Calapari is interested in renewing the UA/Memphis series at a neutral site. Bobby Petrino will speak to the LR Razorback Club. Fox sports picks 5 SEC “score settlers” on next years schedule (3 are Hog related). McFadden is named in a paternity suit. The Expats sing Nolan’s praises. The Gym’backs jump to #9 in the national rankings.

UPDATE: McFadden has already taken a negative paternity test. This will be his second. Also, Wally Hall weighs in on the Memphis Story.

FTB:And Then There Were None

This Week From The Bench…

While it would be fun to write about the Razorback basketball team beating Baylor, Auburn, and Alabama in heart stoppers and how a good coach can make a difference, that column must wait. It is put on hold by the stunning news of UofA Chancellor John White announcing his retirement last week. I can’t let opining on such a topic go by the wayside.


FTB:Can Fan Base put down their guns now that Nutt is gone?

This Week From The Bench…

I have to ask, can the fan base live without the drama that has existed in the Razorback football program? Can just being a fan be enough now after the last year when several took it upon themselves to embark on a path of reconstruction of the Razorback football program? The last sentence is not to paste blame on any group — maybe the war needed to be fought and revolution needed to be done — but now that it is over, can everyone put down their guns? Militants often want to remain militant. We will see.


Arkansas-7 Missouri-38

The end of the Nutt era mirrored much of what drove most Hog fans crazy about much of the Nutt era. Poor special teams play, turnovers, lack of offensive creativity, sloppy tackling. All that and more was on display during this Cotton Bowl performance. As someone said later New Years Day, “At least Petrino will have something to do for the next 9 months.”

There are many other writers who can say this much better than me so is the best essay I’ve read on the game a roundup link…

Expats-Tab’s Take
Razorblogger Roundup

Last Call Trough

Well I’ve enjoyed spending 2007 with all of you and can’t wait to see what 08 has in store for the hogs. I wish all of my readers a happy and prosperous new year. With that out of the way here’s your last trough of the year…

McFadden is still eligible for the Cotton Bowl after KARK/KNWA reported that his mother, sports agent and former hog Mike Conley, and D-Mac went and bought a Cadillac Escalade last week. It turns out that McFadden’s Step-Mother bought the car which D-Mac drove to Dallas. KARK appologized but the UA is still looking into it. Here’s a roundup of info for the Cotton Bowl. Here’s some Cotton Bowl Predictions…Expats, Razorbloggers, CFN. Petrino has retained Bobby Allen. The Hoop Hogs Rolled in a win over ULM 85-60. The Ladyback Hoopsters stayed perfect with a win over Marquette 71-69 to capture the Blue Sky Classic title. They’re 14-0. Finally, The Hog Blogger has his top five stories of the year up…5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

FTB:Hired Goon Neinas enters…

This Week From The Bench, Robert Shields covers Chuck Neinas and the Heisman Debacle…

To help this search, the UA has apparently hired a consultant named Chuck Neinas. You may remember the name of this hired goon from the last time he was in Arkansas when he angered and insulted many Razorback fans when comparing the Razorback Program to Rutgers as one of the arguments for moving all games to Fayetteville in the Great Stadium Debate. This Neinas guy is bad news, and a sure sign the hiring process is headed in the wrong direction.


Non-Grobe Trough

Tebow and McFadden split the Media and Coaches SEC offensive player of the year honors. Their both in Orlando for the Home Depot College Football Awards tonight. Jonathan Luigs and Felix Jones are nominated for awards also and accompanied McFadden to Orlando. More Ranking of the Bowls…this time the Cotton ranks 5th and 3rd respectively. 3 Ole Miss assistants on the hog staff have returned from Oxford with Ole Miss cell phones. Current Auburn Defensive Coordinator, and Broyles Award Finalist, Will Muschamp was DC for LSU during the Saban years of 2001-2004. I’ll let Whole Hog Sports finish the tale…

That means he was in charge in 2002, when Matt Jones hit Decori Birmingham for a 31-yard touchdown pass as time expired in Little Rock, vaulting Arkansas to the SEC Championship Game.

“I was responsible for the Miracle on Markham,” Muschamp said. “Nick fired me three times over the headset.”

Monday Trough

Houston kills plan for Hog Assistants Recruiting for Ole Miss. Tracking those Razorback Planes. What Would Orville Write? Step inside a Wally Hall Time Machine (Destination 1997). Rob Keys doesn’t like Houston Nutt’s Presence. Final BCS Rankings (Arkansas is 27th). Arkansas is 24th in the coaches poll, 25th in the AP. College Football News ranks the best bowls (Cotton Bowl is Ranked 7th). The SEC’s successful season. Sonny Weems will be back for Missouri State. Ladybacks basketball match best start in school history.

FTB:Nutt’s Exit…

This Week From the Bench…

Nutt’s exit had nothing to do with what happened on field

As of my deadline for this column, I do not know who will be the new head coach at Arkansas, and maybe the UA doesn’t either, so I focus on the departing coach and his exit. Houston Nutt had and exit plan. The UofA did not have an entry plan.


Sunday Trough

With an interception return for a touchdown, LSU clinched the SEC title and (apparently) punched Arkansas’ ticket to the Cotton Bowl. Les Miles also announced he was staying at LSU and has already worked out a contract extension. (Thanks Les) This leaves Tommy Tuberville open to accept the Arkansas Head Coaching Job (We’ll See). Also, there is reaction coming in about the 4 Rebels on the hog coaching staff recruiting for Ole Miss while still employed by Arkansas. Wally sounds upset.

Tub Update Trough

The only new report from the Tuberville story is that a source close to him told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that, although Auburn has offered the previously mentioned contract extension, He’s still a candidate. Also there was a weird google quirk that is talked about regarding the Oregon Head Coach. ESPN Is reporting that LSU head man Les Miles is taking the Michigan job. He’ll be introduced next week. How does this directly affect Arkansas’ Search? Tuberville might have been waiting to sign his Auburn extension so he could pounce on that job, not Arkansas’. Matterral Richardson’s interception to win the LSU game has been named last weeks Pontiac Game Changing Performance. He garnered 38% of the vote. Houston is taking 5 coaches of his to Ole Miss. I know I’m shocked too. The Hogs Baseball groundskeeper is leaving to take the same job with the NW Ark. Naturals (Kansas City AA affiliate out of Springdale)-fyi this article was improperly formatted, start the article at FAYETTEVILLE- then when you reach the bottom, start back at the top.