FTB: Annual Report Card: Petrino Barely Passes

This Week From The Bench…

With the firing of Houston Nutt (and I was years ahead of the mob in
calling for his firing, by the way), new coach Bobby Petrino came in
with high expectations from the fans for a dynamic aerial assault. What
we got was a 5-7 team with a defense that gave every other team a great
opportunity to pad its offensive stats. While the sports columnist of
the statewide daily and the marks on the Internet paint a
sunshine-pumping picture, let’s be honest that Petrino’s first year
was not a success. In my annual tradition, it’s time to let the grades
roll on Petrino…



  1. Brian · December 17, 2008

    They certainly need to improve on defense, but 5-7 or 6-6 is what I expected this year. I’ll give a C+.

  2. Eric · January 17, 2009

    I’m not sure what you were expecting – based on what we had returning, but 7-5, 6-6, 5-7 was the realistic range. Yes, our defense wasn’t very good, but when your “impact” defensive players are guys like Jamar Love and Elton Ford, who wouldn’t start for any other SEC team, you can’t expect miracles.

    Our upperclassmen, who usually are depended on heavily for success on the field, were replaced in favor of true freshmen. What does that mean? That HDN’s recruiting SUCKED. And probably that those seniors did not want to play for another coach, therefore did not give 100% and lost their spot.

    The cupboard was most definitely bare after last year, so you’ve seen wholesale changes. Even recently, with more “dead weight” being trimmed so that we can have more space for new talent. It’s not just about athletic ability, but also about team chemistry. When your locker room is split between those players who support the new coach and those who are still loyal to the old one, the ones who support the old one are poisoning the locker room.

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