Michael Smith Suspended

Coach Bobby Petrino has handed down a one game suspension to Arkansas Running Back Michael Smith for violating a NCAA rule regarding textbooks. He’ll serve the suspension during today’s game against Western Illinois. The university has self-reported the violation and it was termed a minor, secondary violation. This is the second time Smith has been suspended. That came last season after his arrest on forgery and theft by receiving for using a stolen credit card for two charges totaling less the $ 100. The charges were later dropped.

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  1. TideDruid · August 31, 2008

    Having experienced a textbooks issue in the past, I doubt it’ll big that big of a deal.

    Here’s something from the Alabama case if that’ll help clear some things up:

    According to Stacey Osburn, associate director for media relations for the NCAA, the minimum punishment in a case exceeding $100 is usually 10 percent of the scheduled games. In a 12-game schedule, 10 percent would be 1.2 games.

    Osburn elaborated on NCAA rules without discussing the specifics of the Alabama case.

    “The (suspension) for a violation of the textbook rule when it is over $100 is determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on mitigating circumstances, including the level of culpability by the student-athlete – if there was a scheme to defraud, and other factors,”

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