Prediction Time

So, I guess It would be a disservice If I didn’t give my loyal readers a prediction for the up coming season. So, without further ado…

Game 1
Arkansas-40 Western Illinois-28
Arkansas comes out of the gate with something to prove.

Game 2
Arkansas-42 Louisiana-Monroe-21
The hogs won’t lose in the Rock.

I’ll stop while the record is a winning one…The rest is after the Jump

Game 3
Texas-35 Arkansas-21
Texas begins another winning streak against the Hogs.

Game 4
Alabama-38 Arkansas-31
Alabama rolls with a late TD bomb.

Game 5
Florida-38 Arkansas-28
Tebow (re)exposes the soft Ark. Secondary.

Game 6
Auburn-31 Arkansas-28
Auburn takes note of how Florida did it.

Game 7
Arkansas-28 Kentucky-21
Arkansas scrapes by with a late TD.

Game 8
Arkansas-28 Ole Miss-21
Houston always had a hard time winning in Fayetteville.

Game 9
Arkansas-42 Tulsa-38
Offense rules the day when Gus returns to Fayetteville.

Game 10
South Carolina-35 Arkansas-14
The Gamecock defense is better than most believe.

Game 11
Arkansas-28 Mississippi State-24
Arkansas enters the 4th quarter leading by 14 and almost gives it away.

Game 12
LSU-49 Arkansas-14
LSU wants revenge (and the Boot).

So 6-6 and a trip to the Independence Bowl (loss to Nebraska)
Overall a successful rebuilding year.

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