No Slobberin’ At Bud Walton

You won’t be seeing the image above on the floor of Bud Walton Arena come next season. AD Jeff Long announced “improvements” being made to Walton Arena including moving press row for a “Courtside Club” ticket area, LCD scorers table, LCD ribbon around the arena, and a resurfacing of the floor which will do away with our slobberin’ Hog and replace it with the “Classic” hog logo of the football helmets. The base price of a ticket to a game is also going up to $25.


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  2. Steven · January 5, 2009

    It’s not an “LCD” scorers table and “LCD” ribbon around the upper deck as you mentioned in your blog. It’s called an “LED” board. Two different technologies. “LCD” is a type of technology (competes with plasma and DLP technologies)used in some HD tv’s, computer monitors, etc. A LED board is completely different and not considered HD. The LED boards do look great though are quite expensive.

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