Monday Trough

SEC Media Days were last week…The Hogs were picked dead lastJonathan Luigs was voted ALL-SEC first team…WR Marques Wade was arrested for DUI…1994 Championship Hoops Team member Elmer Martin has been sentenced to 15 years on drug charges…Matt Jones talks to the media about his Arrest… Launched…The Football Media Guide is out…Razorbloggers got a new design too…The Expats are singing the Memphis BluesHog Helmets are nice to look at…The Razorbloggers have their predictions up…a funny anecdote about Felix Jones’ game winning 2 point conversion against LSU.

FTB:Hogs in Hunt for Sec West Title

This Week From The Bench:

For the first time since 2003, the Razorback football team will start the season 2-0. I promise.

Hopefully, this small burst of momentum will propel the Hogs on to a winning season as the fans look to Bobby Petrino as the savior to right all those wrongs of the Houston Nutt era. In many ways, this season stacks up very similarly to that 2003 schedule when the Hogs beat Texas and Alabama in back-to-back weeks on the road. I still question if any other team in the history of college football has done the same thing.

Petrino on ESPN

Bobby Petrino conducted his first interview with ESPN since he took the Razorback Head Coaching jod yesterday on ESPN’s College Football Live. Video of the interview is below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

FTB:Time to settle in with new wife and stop worrying about EX

This Week From the Bench…

There are still some who are obsessed with hating former Razorback coach Houston Nutt, and there are also some, believe it or not, who still love him. Many are still very preoccupied with Nutt as he shows up on radio shows in this state and at banquets.

I believe this continued preoccupation with Nutt and his occasional reappearance in his home state is not helpful for the healing process in Hogland. I believe it would be similar to dwelling on your ex-wife after she has moved on with her life. The Razorback Nation needs to do the same.

FTB:Matt Jones and the Negatives

This Week From The Bench…

Matt Jones fall from stardom was tragic this past week. Who was the writer that said show me a hero and I will show you a tragic ending (Maybe, it was Emerson). I could write a long diatribe about sports and drugs and how one is ruining the other. How the abuse of drugs and alcohol have hurt the Razorback football team in the past. I could dwell on these negatives, but instead I will dwell on something else negative instead of jumping on the Razorback football team that has had abuse problems in the past under Houston Nutt.

White Powdery Substance Trough

As most of you probably know, former Arkansas QB and current Jacksonville Jaguar Wide Receiver Matt Jones was arrested on a count of Felony possession of a controlled substance (Cocaine) this Morning. Not as widely mentioned is that he was arrested with former Hog tight end Jared Hicks. The Razorbloggers/Slophouse/TMN’s Hog Blog have it covered. LB Wendel Davis was arrested on June 28th. He was arrested after an altercation at a stop light with a person he has a history with.

I’ve reported previously that the University is merging the Men’s and Women’s Athletic Departments. The first sign of that is the merging of the UA’s athletic websites, Hogwired and, into It opens on July 21st. KATV is looking at the 16 most memorable moments since the Hogs joined the SEC…Here are the Expats’ choices.

Levan Patsatsia is going to transfer from the Hog Hoop squad. Patrick Beverley impressed King LeBron James and New Orleans’s Chris Paul in a pickup game.Former Hog Darian Townes has made the Sacramento Kings Summer League Team. Some Diamond Hogs are heating up Summer Leagues. Tyson Gay has a mild muscle strain in his leg. He pulled up lame in a quarterfinal heat for the 200 meters at the US Olympic Trials. He was the defending world champ in the event. Felix Jones and Darren McFadden have been ranked as two of the best NFL running backs.

College Football News says the SEC Title Game hurts the SEC. Here’s CFN’s 46 reasons to love SEC Football. Here’s a take from a SEC Gal In California. Here’s three sets of SEC football predictions. The Razorbloggers are looking at the new NCAA football rules.

UPDATE: I forgot to link to a couple of Expat stories…Their Hodge Podge mentions Marcus Monk-Competitive Eater, Houston Nutt’s wrong number, and SEC home court advantage…a must read! Also in non-Hog news…Fort Smith & Texarkana add to the “Embarrassing Arkansas Moments” File courtesy of Borat.

FTB:End of Soap Opera at UA Leads to Interest in PR Position

This Week From The Bench…

The last seven years have been a columnist’s dream, and I would like to personally thank all parties involved for providing such rich content to write about. Even in the offseason, there seemed to be one scandal after another that kept the chat rooms active. (I love to call the Internet boards “chat rooms” as a way to mock all those many media people who had no clue and used to do the same.)

So with the blaring lack of controversy at the UofA, the big issue for July is this: The University of Arkansas is hiring a personal PR flack for Petrino. That’s the biggest news around and if it doesn’t seem that big to you then I am about to manufacture it into something else like they do on Fox.