The End of June Trough

I’ve been slightly lazy in updating recently so there is some stuff to catch up on…

Backup Linebacker Freddy Burton was arrested for DUI this morning. Former Hog Tyson Gay qualified for the US Olympic squad in the 100m. Arkansas Hired Northern Iowa’s Chris Bucknam as the new Track and Field and Cross Country coach replacing legend John McDonnell. Sonny Weems was drafted by Chicago then traded to Denver. Steven Hill has signed a contract to play with Portland’s summer league team.
John Pelphrey auctioned off a round of golf with himself, Bobby Petrino, and LPGAer and former ladyback Stacy Lewis. It went for $5,100. Speaking of Stacy Lewis, she finished tied for 3rd at her first LPGA event as a pro…the US Women’s Open. Petrino’s not a big talker. But The Hog Blogger knows what he’s getting into with Bobby. The Razorbloggers have been counting down the best football games of ’07 (with video)…my fav’s South Carolina and LSU. AOL fanhouse has a story up about if College Football teams were comedians…Arkansas would be Larry the Cable Guy. Which lead me to two other such lists…Rappers-Kool Keith…and Simpsons Characters-Groundskeeper Willie.

Finally two stories unrelated to the Hogs…So Long to Deadspin’s Will Leitch, I echo what the Expats wrote…and RIP to UGA VI.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that today is the last day on Nolan Richardson’s Contract with the UA and it’s also Chancellor John White’s last day on the job.

FTB:Overachieving Quarterback Must Drive Razorback Football

This Week From The Bench…

I believe the new coach is much more willing to take that chance. Whether you like it or not, the fate of this team almost certainly lies on the shoulders of your fourth-year quarterback. Players who are good as freshmen and have unproven ability will rise or fall with the play of Dick. He will make the difference if they become great as players and a team. We will see this season if Dick can pick himself off the grass with turf in his helmet and if his teammates still believe in him to carry on the battle to hit back.

FTB:Too Many Unknowns to Predict Petrino’s First Season

This Week From The Bench…

Usually at about this time during the summer, I provide my preseason prediction for Razorback football in a game-by-game scenario. But I am reluctant right now to do such a thing because I want to wait at least until the freshmen have participated in practice this August.

Why am I waiting? There is too much that is unknown. We still have to see if the power spread as envisioned by new coach Bobby Petrino will succeed in the SEC against those tough defenses. If it does not this season, my guess is that the previous coach and athletic director are going to gloat with a look of “I told you so.”

The Trough

I’ve been killer busy at work and since there hasn’t been much happening, this blog tends to fall to the wayside. But here are a few stories I’ve looked at the past week or so…

Razorbloggers:Razorbits (the boys throwing to Felix). Felix gets his rookie card. Matt Jones on the hot seat and Brett Goode is out in JAX. John Pelphrey talked to reporters recently. He also is planning a tourney at BWA and likes Snoop Dogg. D-mac picked his jersey #. Here’s a Petrino Q & A. If your in a barroom brawl pick a Hog for a wingman. Finally, the Sporting News is pulling for Casey Dick.

FTB:Issue Loom for New UA Athletic Director

This Week From The Bench…

But now things seem to have quieted down on the Hill, and combined with the slow news period of summer in the Razorback kingdom, it’s time for me to spin the wheel of topics to find something to write about. Wally prefers to write about Keith Jackson, Coach Rip, and his pastor during these dead periods, but since I only have negative things to say about pastors and am not out to make friends by name dropping, I’ll take a subject at random thanks to the Wheel of Topics and see what I can do.