Happy Birthday to Us!

A year ago I started the Hawg Blawg. I didn’t really think that I’d stick it out this long but I’ve really enjoyed writing about the Hawgs. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal readers for their patronage. Just for fun I’ll list our highest ranked posts and my a couple of my favorites. Grab a piece of cake and Check it out below the fold…
Birthday Cake Copyright Hawg Blawg

Our biggest post was Mallett Floods Dorm Room with over 7,000 visits (thanks Deadspin). The next two are McFadden on ESPN Magazine Cover and McFadden likes Dressing in Drag.

My favorie posts are “Sports Week” No More, Midsize American Sedan-ity Advanced, Yabba Dabba Dooooooo!, Razorstuff:UA Coffin, and finally our Q&A with the Hoosier Report. Thanks for visiting and we can’t wait for the future!

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