Cover Boy Trough

The Diamond Hogs are on a roll…UA 8, Ohio State 6…Wednesday’s Doubleheader..UA 13, South Dakota State 1 (Game 1); UA 20, South Dakota State 4 (Game 2). The hoops squad is frustrating in new fabulous ways…Ole Miss-81 UA-72. Speaking of the hoops squad, Sonny Weems was named to the NABC All-District Team (District 9). Here’s a profile of Corliss Williamson (Via Expats). Nolan Richardson is talking to Arkansas St. about their Head Coaching position. Some former hogs (including Clint Stoerner) might have their springs ruined…the AAFL is going to postpone their inaugural season. the Ladyback Hoopsters are going into the SEC Tournament on an 8 game losing streak. Will Etta (Willie) Long Oates, a former Razorback cheerleader and Arkansas State Legislator, Died Tuesday at the age of 90. And Finally some news on Darren McFadden. He landed himself in Fox Sports Bottom 10. But, More Importantly, He’s been named the cover boy of NCAA Football 2009 for the XBox 360. Enjoy the Videogame Goodness Below…

NCAA 09 XBox

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