FTB:Can Fan Base put down their guns now that Nutt is gone?

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I have to ask, can the fan base live without the drama that has existed in the Razorback football program? Can just being a fan be enough now after the last year when several took it upon themselves to embark on a path of reconstruction of the Razorback football program? The last sentence is not to paste blame on any group — maybe the war needed to be fought and revolution needed to be done — but now that it is over, can everyone put down their guns? Militants often want to remain militant. We will see.


The Perfect Trough

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The #25 Lady Razorback Hoopsters stayed perfect (15-0) Saturday with a win over Texas Tech 80-57. Bobby Petrino has finished his coaching staff. The Petrino Era will open with Western Illinois-AS360 has an early schedule. Reggie Herring is headed to Texas A&M and Louis Campbell is headed to Mississippi State. John McDonnell Field has been named the outdoor track facility of the year by the American Sports Builders Association. The Expats relive the glory days of Hog Hoops in Big D looking ahead to tonight’s matchup against Baylor. I won’t be around to update again after the Baylor game so here is a link where a recap will be posted after the game….ESPN.com Baylor Recap. UPDATE:Big win for the Hogs over Baylor 85-78.

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Arkansas-7 Missouri-38

The end of the Nutt era mirrored much of what drove most Hog fans crazy about much of the Nutt era. Poor special teams play, turnovers, lack of offensive creativity, sloppy tackling. All that and more was on display during this Cotton Bowl performance. As someone said later New Years Day, “At least Petrino will have something to do for the next 9 months.”

There are many other writers who can say this much better than me so is the best essay I’ve read on the game a roundup link…

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