FTB:Glory of the Assist Lost on Razorback Basketball Team

This Week From The Bench…

You can call me old school, but the basketball statistic that always matters to me is assists. Forget all other stats. Assists are indicative of how well a team works together. It is evidence how well teammates look for each other. It is also a sign how unselfish or team-oriented the players are. The stat shows that your team can control the ball and the other team cannot stop it.

Outside the obvious stat of points, assists are the only stat that matters. It shows you if you scored. It shows you that you did not turn the ball over. It shows that you executed the play or offense properly. The assist makes the offensive rebounding stat meaningless, which is half of rebounding. You show me a team with a good assist ratio and I will show you a team with a high shooting percentage.


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