Mid-Week Trough

Charles Thomas is Suspended for the Mississippi St. game. Pelphrey said…

“ I will say that as a head coach, I’ve never been more disappointed in a young man’s choices.”

Arkansas Business reports that Broyles brought $4.95 Billion to the Arkansas economy while at the UA (The headline is a typo). Memphis’ John Calapari is interested in renewing the UA/Memphis series at a neutral site. Bobby Petrino will speak to the LR Razorback Club. Fox sports picks 5 SEC “score settlers” on next years schedule (3 are Hog related). McFadden is named in a paternity suit. The Expats sing Nolan’s praises. The Gym’backs jump to #9 in the national rankings.

UPDATE: McFadden has already taken a negative paternity test. This will be his second. Also, Wally Hall weighs in on the Memphis Story.

FTB:Glory of the Assist Lost on Razorback Basketball Team

This Week From The Bench…

You can call me old school, but the basketball statistic that always matters to me is assists. Forget all other stats. Assists are indicative of how well a team works together. It is evidence how well teammates look for each other. It is also a sign how unselfish or team-oriented the players are. The stat shows that your team can control the ball and the other team cannot stop it.

Outside the obvious stat of points, assists are the only stat that matters. It shows you if you scored. It shows you that you did not turn the ball over. It shows that you executed the play or offense properly. The assist makes the offensive rebounding stat meaningless, which is half of rebounding. You show me a team with a good assist ratio and I will show you a team with a high shooting percentage.


Sunday Trough

The Hogs get a big road win, ending a 6 game losing streak at LSU in the process…Arkansas-68 LSU-52. Here’s a profile on Paul Petrino, Hog Offensive Coordinator and Bobby’s Brother. He’ll be busy this weekend with all of the recruits on campus. The Razorback Track team is appealing the punishment handed down in regards to the rules violations committed by former Razorbacks assistant coach Lance Brauman and his dealings with former Arkansas sprinter Tyson Gay in 2003 before he enrolled at the university. Pom Red squad member Laura Cole was voted the SPiN College Cheerleader of the Year by fans at CBS Sportsline.

Friday Trough

Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson is leaving for South Carolina. Pat Bradley’s 3 point record in the SEC falls….and here’s a Bradley Q & A. The hogs got a rude wake up call when they returned from Georgia Sunday Morning, They were greeted with a 1:30 am practice (Via Expats). If they don’t improve they might be on the outside of the NCAA Tourney looking in. Robert Felton and Peyton Hillis look to shine in the Senior Bowl. AS360 has found a link to Petrino’s 2006 Louisville Playbook. Here’s a recap of the Ladyback hoops season since the loss of Ervin. The Gym’backs are #8 in the nation. UA junior Madison Palmer was named SEC Female Diver of the Week. FYI…Hog Baseball is less than a month away!

FTB:Razorback Basketball Fans remain Lost just like TV show

This Week From The Bench…

For several reasons, the basketball program is dead to many fans around the state, has been for half a decade, and has yet to show any signs of returning to its former glory. The UA administration has succeeded in alienating three groups of fans ? those who wanted Nolan Richardson fired, those who didn’t want him fired, and those who stuck around post-Nolan only to be turned off by the slow success of Stan Heath’s Big Ten brand of basketball.


Monday Trough

Another Depressing Arkansas Hoops Performance….Georgia 82 Arkansas 69. The Razorbloggers are getting irritated. Will Muschamp was “This Close” to being head hog according to ESPN. Darian Townes was arrested Sunday. Looks like DMac will be a Nike man. Here’s the Full 2008 Football Schedule. Hog Scout Teamer declares for draft. The Arkansas Tennis Hogs won 14 of 15 singles matches and five of six in doubles action at the Shocker Invitational. The Ladybacks (16-3 (1-3 SEC)) hoop squad fell to Florida 92-74.