Arkansas Accepts Cotton Bowl Bid

AT&T Cotton Bowl

Arkansas will face Missouri in the Cotton Bowl Classic. The Tigers were the odd man out of the BCS with Oklahoma heading to the Fiesta and Kansas in the Orange (a conference can only have 2 teams in BCS games). This is the 11th time the Hogs will be in the Cotton Bowl. Arkansas a record of 3-6-1 in the bowl. The next most frequent bowl the Hogs have been to is the Sugar with 5. The last time the Hogs played in Dallas they lost to Oklahoma 10-3 in 2002. The last time Arkansas faced Missouri was in an 27-14 Independence Bowl win in 2003.
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One comment

  1. GonzoHog · December 2, 2007

    I hope were not playing Missouri. LSU’s offense is nothing compared to thier’s. That will be a different kind of Tiger. Oklahoma’s defense is much better than the Hog’s. That’s why I don’t care to play Missouri. Maybe if we get lucky, and the Tigers don’t come to play, like those other Tigers, then maybe we could be fortunate enough to out-score them, with a few OTs thrown in. Cross your fingers Hog fans!

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