Tub Update Trough

The only new report from the Tuberville story is that a source close to him told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that, although Auburn has offered the previously mentioned contract extension, He’s still a candidate. Also there was a weird google quirk that is talked about regarding the Oregon Head Coach. ESPN Is reporting that LSU head man Les Miles is taking the Michigan job. He’ll be introduced next week. How does this directly affect Arkansas’ Search? Tuberville might have been waiting to sign his Auburn extension so he could pounce on that job, not Arkansas’. Matterral Richardson’s interception to win the LSU game has been named last weeks Pontiac Game Changing Performance. He garnered 38% of the vote. Houston is taking 5 coaches of his to Ole Miss. I know I’m shocked too. The Hogs Baseball groundskeeper is leaving to take the same job with the NW Ark. Naturals (Kansas City AA affiliate out of Springdale)-fyi this article was improperly formatted, start the article at FAYETTEVILLE- then when you reach the bottom, start back at the top.

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