KNWA-TV Broke into programming tonight to report that multiple sources told them that Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville is going to be the next head coach at Arkansas. The rest of the sports blogosphere is running with the story eventhough KNWA plainly states nothing has been signed and it’s all subject to change. The Slophouse blog has a few tidbits they’re trying to tie together about a cotton farmer/booster in West Helena and a hunting trip Tuberville just embarked on. The 12 year old in me squeals with excitement at the thought. The 27 year old man remembers the “Gillispie to Arkansas” stories just months ago. I’ll trust my older self and will wait to break open the bubbly on this “news”…

UPDATE: The Slophouse has confirmed that Tuberville was on that plane and was in Stuttgart Thursday. (see link below) (Orignators of the KNWA video)
AOL Fanhouse
The Slophouse
The Morning News
Razorback Expats

The Hogblogger


  1. The Hazean · November 30, 2007

    Wow. Almost hard to believe, but I know Tuberville has had a rough relationship with Auburn. Arkansas is way dangerous now, more than ever, with Tuberville at the helm. As an LSU fan, I already dislike the guy and wish he would leave the SEC West altogether. Oh well …

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