ARRRRR-Kansas Trough

First a humorous link on how to pronounce the name Arkansas. Oakland Raiders Head Coach Lane Kiffin and Texas Tech Mike Leach are on Arkansas’ short list. The Hog Blogger has been prolific in the hours since Houston’s Departure…Here’s RBN’s HogBlogger reasons Houston had to go. Here’s the Razorbloggers Roundup of all the stories from around the Traditional Media about Nutt’s departure. CFN has a look back at Houston’s Tenure. The Hog Blogger Loves Lane Kiffin (with video), and here’s the other’s on his short list. And the Ladybacks basketball team also faces Missouri tomorrow night.

Updated (Thanks TipsterHog)

One comment

  1. rbnadmin · November 27, 2007

    Hey arkbear…Actually, “HogBlogger” on RazorBloggers and “The Hog Blogger” on are two different guys.

    I know…it’s confusing. I keep telling HogBlogger that he needs to change his name to “The Original HogBlogger.” Ha.

    Thanks as always for the linkage.

    RazorBloggers Network

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