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  1. blakesweetser · November 24, 2007

    razorback fans are the best in the world but also the most idiotic. what have you done for our recruiting prospects? nothing. what have you done to make anybody in the world want to coach here? nothing. what you have you done to demoralize our players? everything. you folks in fayetteville disapoint me. see thats what we have, we bleed razorback blood but if you guys can’t act for our program then sit at home. if you succeed in driving off houston nutt, then what? then we drove off a coach with over a 600 win percentage, two SEC west titles, a victory over the best team in college football(couple hours ago) and loves arkansas football. david lee just flexed his call and was brilliant. if we face a loss of broyles, nutt, herring, lee and the recruits who have already seen our busting seems you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves.

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