Nutt’s Fate Resides With Long

While I was out the UA announced that the Men’s and Women’s Athletic Departments will merge. Jeff Long will be AD with Bev Lewis taking an Associate AD spot. Their titles are actually quite long and the Hog Blogger pokes fun at the whole thing (See Below). After Thursday’s Press Conference Frank Broyles stated that Houston’s Fate was in Long’s hands. There was a Board of Trustees Meeting Today and Word has started to Leak that Nutt will be gone at the end of the season. He’s also said to have 4 offers on the table from SMU, Baylor, Memphis, and Ole Miss. If you’d like to read more about it follow the links…

Arkansas Times-Nutt:Stick a Fork In Him
AS 360-Hog ‘Insiders’ Say Nutt Leaving, Has Four Offers
Razorbloggers- Merge Roundup and Broyles Quotes
The Hog Blogger- Jeff Long Will Have None of Your Shenanigans

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