Corey Beck Needs Your Help

Corey Beck was shot a couple of months back, We posted on it, and is having trouble paying his medical bills. If you’d like to help stop by a Bank of America and make a donation to the Corey Beck Medical Fund. Or, Mail a Check to the following address. He gave us his all on the court, now in his time of need you can say thanks. Thanks to The Hog Blogger and The Expats for Mentioning his story. For more, including Beck calling into a Little Rock radio station about the incident, click the previous links.

Bank of America
c/o Corey Beck Medical Fund
200 W Capitol Ave
Little Rock AR 72201
(if you have questions, call 501.378.1267, then extension 4)


  1. terri parson · December 19, 2007

    I hope you all are not buying what was said by Corey on the radio interview. This loser is on the most wanted list in Arizona for not paying child support (owes $334,000) and there is an active arrest warrant for him in Arkansas. He brags about having a nice car and nice things, but can’t give his kids anything. Maybe his maker was trying to give him a wake up call, which obviously didn’t work. Maybe a bank account should be set up for the kids he has that he doesn’t take care of…because he certainly won’t pay for any medical bills. The state of Tennessee will pick up that tab. Don’t be fooled by this selfish loser. Yes…he was an awesome player MANY years ago, but his character speaks for itself – he is one of the most selfish and egotistical people on the planet.

  2. steve · January 13, 2008

    well, well, well….this low life is in jail in Mississippi for not taking care of one kid, then will be brought to Arkansas jail for not taking care of another kid, then will probably be sent to Arizona jail for not taking care of yet another kid. And he needs our help? Give me a break. He needs to be locked up for a long time. He has no excuse for this. It is disgusting and you people need to quit taking up for this loser.

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