FTB:The Truth Hurts

This week From the Bench….

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” — Winston Churchill

The truth about Houston Nutt is that he is an average coach. He is not a horrible coach as many portray him to be. His SEC record now stands at 40-40 or an easy extrapolation to 4-4 every year in the conference. That is about in the middle of the bell curve as you can be. It is dead average. He is a coin toss in SEC games.



  1. Gatorpilot · November 16, 2007

    I believe this is a common misconception. A .500 record would only be average if, out of all 119 D-IA programs, .500 represented the record of the #59 or #60 ranked team in the country per the NCAA’s statistics.

    In fact it actually occurs at about #79 to #80 making .500 below average in D-IA college football. Not to mention, there are certain strata that “big time” programs are not supposed to fall below. Unfortunately, Nutt’s record puts him in the company of a host of much smaller schools whose coaches are paid far less, have much smaller budgets and can’t draw elite recruits.

    He’s a below average coach based on record alone. Based on his off-field antics, er, behavior these past couple of years, I think most objective outsiders would be forced to drop him even further. The total package is not good.

  2. WooP:igSooiee · November 16, 2007


    How do you figure it’s based on #79 or 80? In fact, 40-40 is Nutt’s record against SEC teams, not the entire schedule. SEC teams certainly rank well above the middle of the D-1 pack as a whole. Therefore, based on YOUR way of measuring things, he is well above average since it’s based on a strength-of-schedule of more like better than #25.

  3. WooP:igSooiee · November 16, 2007

    Oh wait, sorry Gator… I just realized you weren’t talking about strength of schedule. However, I would venture to say the vast majority of teams playing .500 ball do not play a schedule as tough as Arkansas’, so you’re really comparing apples and oranges anyway. You can’t look at two .500 conference-record teams and say they are equivalent without even knowing their conferences.

  4. Gatorpilot · November 16, 2007

    Actually, you were right the first time. Despite the fact you mentioned it not once but twice, Nutt’s SEC record is .500, not overall, and I was thinking the latter.

    .500 is still not great in conference play, but considering Nutt has had to deal with LSU, Alabama and Auburn in his division alone, that’s not too bad. Still, I’m not sure a program like Arkansas should be satisfied with that.

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