Arkansas-48 South Carolina-36

Wow. It was a spectacular performance by the offense. If this is McFadden’s last game in Fayetteville, it was a memorable one. He broke the SEC single game rushing record with 323 yards (the record was 321). McFadden and Jones both crossed the 1000 yard mark for the season. McFadden became only the second player in SEC history to rush for 1000 yards in his freshman, sophomore, and junior seasons (the other was Hershel Walker). They also named the field in honor of Frank Broyles at halftime. I have pictures I’ll be putting up when I get back home. Here’s more links…

ESPN Recap (with video) and Box Score (I usually don’t link to the box score but the rushing stats for McFadden and Jones were obscene). ARSN Notes and Quotes. Hogwired Recap. More on McFadden getting back in Heisman Contention, and the Expats were impressed. Razorbloggers Roundup. I haven’t even mentioned the rest of the offense. And Bowl Reps were in attendance.


  1. GonzoHog · November 4, 2007

    These guys are the best 2 backs the SEC has ever seen! Caddilac Williams and Ronnie Brown were great, but even they didn’t run for a 1,000 yards apiece in consecutive years. I would put D-Mac and FJ above Dickerson and James also. They didn’t play in the SEC, so there’s really no comparison to me. We seen the best of the best last night folks.

  2. THERMOPOLIS BROWN · November 8, 2007

    I was at the game and it was the best show I have ever seen by two (not one) running backs. Tell me, people, which team in the country has two (not one) backs that can take it to the house on any play? And with the Smith kid, you COULD say which team in the country has THREE running backs that can take it to the house on any play? We all know McFadden is gone after this year. I just hope Jones stays one more year to be the feature back. The Hogs shouldn’t miss a beat in the running game if he stays.

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