FYI on Banners

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that I don’t have an opinion on the people who fly the banners. Well, to be honest I do but I won’t be making my feelings public. I publish the emails that Reganite sends me so you, the audience, can see his side of the story and to help you generate an informed opinion. Again the one thing I will say is that everyone has a right to their opinion and the right to state that opinion. That doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with him. I’m just allowing him to use this site as a bullhorn. If I get a story from the players or coaches point of view, I’m just as likely to run with that as well. In fact there is a story on Whole Hog Sports that quotes David Lee and Weston Dacus on this subject that will be linked to when I post the next Trough.

Go Hogs!

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