Statement from Banner Flyers

I recieved the following from Reganite… (all emphasis that is added was added by him)…

The demonstration of fan backlash in the form of flying banners is the unfortunate culmination of a number of things. Ultimately, the decision to fly the banners was precipitated by a perceived unwillingness to act by those with the power to do something about our floundering football program. While we are hopeful that the winds of change are blowing, given the reluctance to act that the fans have witnessed for some time now, the banners were felt to be necessary to indicate the degree of dissatisfaction among the fan base and to encourage those in positions of authority to act judiciously and swiftly.

The banners in no way, shape or form are intended to address the performance or effort given by the players. That should be evident by the choice of wording on the banners. The banners represent a fan base that is critically fractured. In our opinion, the majority of the fan base has lost confidence in Houston Nutt and believe new leadership is necessary.

No reasonable person could deny that Houston Nutt has been given every opportunity imaginable to engineer an acceptable football program at the University of Arkansas. His performance is unacceptable in two critical areas:

(1) Lack of success and progress on the field and
(2) Failed leadership off-the-field.

Lack of success on the field:
Record…38-39 in SEC in a decade,
No BCS Bowls
No SEC Championship in multiple tries
2-5 bowl record
Blown chances to move up a level particularly in ’98, ’03, ’06 and ’07

Failed Leadership:
No need to recount all the issues, but here are a few:

A 5 star quarterback was run off at the hands of close personal friends of the head coach and his wife, a 4 star receiver felt the need to leave because of things going on the program, and a highly talented Offensive Coordinator of the year was run off by the head coach.

All three of those assets would have been real handy to have this year.

Just this week an email alleged to have been written by the head coaches wife surfaced indicating she wished she could have been a part of a group that beat the 5 star quarterback’s mother with a 2×4 in 2002. Conduct such as that, if true, can not be allowed represent Arkansas. It demonstrates a hostility that had to have been instilled in her from someone. Many suspect it was her husband, the highest paid employee in the state, that instilled such hostility.

When you add the fact that we finish near the bottom every year in passing and every quarterback that has played under Nutt has regressed and gotten worse as time went by, it becomes clear there are plenty of on the field and off the field reasons for this state to look for new leadership for a program that deserves the very best.

The banners are a plea from fans that have been long ignored and brushed aside by those that think it is OK to employ a mediocre coach to oversee the finest sports facilities in America.

It’s time that Arkansas employed a Head Coach and staff that lives up to the monuments of sports excellence along Razorback Road.

Thank you,

The fans behind the banners


  1. Don Stephens · October 26, 2007

    You people are idiots. You are doing more harm than good, making us (fans and program) look like a bunch of redneck fools in the national media. I agree with everything in your comments “except” the comments about Mustain. When “mommy” and the other parents went to coach Broyles, he should have told them to go pack sand. She is a nut case and her son is a spoiled brat. They proved this through the whole recruiting process. Stop the banners. Express your discontent through letters to papers, to the administration and even to Nutt but don’t embarrass the program anymore with this kind of stupidity. You are fast approaching the “Alabama” mentality that issued death threats to Bill Curry and saw boosters convicted of extortion in federal court (i.e. Logan Young.)

  2. CJ Harris · October 26, 2007

    The banners are not THE embarrassment to the program. HDN, Mrs HDN and their posse’ bad behaviors are THE EMBARRASSMENT.
    The university has failed to address the issues and Nutt is simply incompetent. The banners are simply a good reminder that there is a problem, and many fans want changes.

  3. Roger Gowens · November 1, 2007

    Don, first of all I am not part of the banner flyers but support their efforts.That is apparently the only way to get the attention of the clueless administation at UA who still cling to their “5 puh-cent” mentality. As for the national media, the vast majority are going to think we’re “redneck fools” no matter what we do! If it takes flying banners and black shirts to fumigate this sorry can of Nutts that has been opened, so be it.

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