Late Week Trough

Details on This Seasons First Basketball Practice

WR Robert Johnson Questionable for UT-Chatt.
Arkansas Sports 360

Wally Hall Says Monk Should Sit Out This Year (For his own good)
Expats Comment on Article
Whole Hog

Hogs Riding Hogs
(not really they’re scooters)
The Morning News

One comment

  1. Neff Basore · October 10, 2007

    Wally, who was the lone holdout on the first ballot between Houston and Tuberville? If you don’t know can you say who was on the committee? Based upon the lack of leadership from the university I know of at least 2,000,000 dollars that has found it’s way to other worthy institutions. Not because they didn’t fire Houston but because they failed to manage the situation with Frank and Houston. You must lead by example and this bunch over the last couple of years have failed to lead at all.

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