Yabba Dabba Dooooooo!

Darren McFadden and Felix Jones spent Halloween dressed as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble after a vote on Hogwired.com. The Following is the vote total and a picture from the Hogwired site…

Courtesy: Gary Yandell / Arkansas

Fred and Barney–41.2% (2,056 votes)
Sonny Bono and Cher–32.4% (1,618 votes)
The Blues Brothers–26.4% (1,322 votes)

The costumes will be placed up for auction for charity on Hogwired.com in the coming days.
Everyday Should Be Saturday also mentioned their Halloween Wardrobe.


Mid-Week Trough

I’m on vacation so I’ve sorta neglected the ole’ blog. So, this will be a big one…

Charles Thomas, Sonny Weems, Patrick Beverley, and Steven Hill were named to the Coaches All-SEC teams on Wednesday. The possible QB controversy I mentioned this weekend…it’s not happening. AS360 profiles Chuck Barrett. A recruiting breakdown for Nutt from ’03 to ’07. Over the Summer Patrick Beverley has changed his look and his game. Weston Dacus didn’t practice Wednesday, he needed the rest. Most have heard by now that Ben Cleveland wasn’t allowed on the sideline for Saturday’s Game…Here’s the story. Jillian Rosen, of the #10 Ladyback Cross Country team, was named SEC Freshman of the Year.

FTB:Rumors abound

Robert Sheilds weekly column has this tidbit…

Now, if I was an AD and was being shown the door but was still going to be hanging around, I would want to keep in place as many people as possible that were friendly to me. Also, all these multi-year contracts for assistants make it all the more difficult to show Nutt the door this year because it is my understanding all these contracts are guaranteed. It will cost the University a tidy sum of money to pay off all these assistants and the head coach. I do not believe in the past position coaches received multi year guaranteed contracts.


Sunday Trough

As Others have pointed out, If Pelphrey continues to do things like playing in the red white game, and hitting threes, He’ll find himself firmly planted in the hearts of all hog fans. Red 84 White 78. Fox Sports has the Hoop Hogs at #15 in their rankings. FIU post game Notes & Quotes. The Expats Name the Hogs 2007 Sun Belt Champs. Here’s more on Monk and Emert’s performances. Here’s The Morning News’ Game Replay. Political columnist John Brummett responds to the critics of his “Fire Nutt” column I linked to a week or so ago. The Cross Country Hogs win their 34th straight conference (17th straight SEC) title. Finally, a Razorback duo is playing for the ITA doubles title in Tulsa today.

Friday Trough

Here’s the Whole Hog Sports story on the Track and Field Team losing 2 National Titles and the NCAA’s statement. The Messages aren’t flying for the Hogs (story I mentioned in the FYI post). The red-white basketball game is tonight. Patrick Beverley has been Named to the Naismith Trophy Pre-Season Watch List. Clay Henry has a Basketball season preview. the AP has a FIU preview up. The Expats have a basketball hodge-podge up and a book review as well. AS360 mentions that the South Carolina game will be televised. Matt Jones is having a weird year in Jacksonville.

FYI on Banners

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that I don’t have an opinion on the people who fly the banners. Well, to be honest I do but I won’t be making my feelings public. I publish the emails that Reganite sends me so you, the audience, can see his side of the story and to help you generate an informed opinion. Again the one thing I will say is that everyone has a right to their opinion and the right to state that opinion. That doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with him. I’m just allowing him to use this site as a bullhorn. If I get a story from the players or coaches point of view, I’m just as likely to run with that as well. In fact there is a story on Whole Hog Sports that quotes David Lee and Weston Dacus on this subject that will be linked to when I post the next Trough.

Go Hogs!

Statement from Banner Flyers

I recieved the following from Reganite… (all emphasis that is added was added by him)…

The demonstration of fan backlash in the form of flying banners is the unfortunate culmination of a number of things. Ultimately, the decision to fly the banners was precipitated by a perceived unwillingness to act by those with the power to do something about our floundering football program. While we are hopeful that the winds of change are blowing, given the reluctance to act that the fans have witnessed for some time now, the banners were felt to be necessary to indicate the degree of dissatisfaction among the fan base and to encourage those in positions of authority to act judiciously and swiftly.

The banners in no way, shape or form are intended to address the performance or effort given by the players. That should be evident by the choice of wording on the banners. The banners represent a fan base that is critically fractured. In our opinion, the majority of the fan base has lost confidence in Houston Nutt and believe new leadership is necessary.

No reasonable person could deny that Houston Nutt has been given every opportunity imaginable to engineer an acceptable football program at the University of Arkansas. His performance is unacceptable in two critical areas:

(1) Lack of success and progress on the field and
(2) Failed leadership off-the-field.

Lack of success on the field:
Record…38-39 in SEC in a decade,
No BCS Bowls
No SEC Championship in multiple tries
2-5 bowl record
Blown chances to move up a level particularly in ’98, ’03, ’06 and ’07

Failed Leadership:
No need to recount all the issues, but here are a few:

A 5 star quarterback was run off at the hands of close personal friends of the head coach and his wife, a 4 star receiver felt the need to leave because of things going on the program, and a highly talented Offensive Coordinator of the year was run off by the head coach.

All three of those assets would have been real handy to have this year.

Just this week an email alleged to have been written by the head coaches wife surfaced indicating she wished she could have been a part of a group that beat the 5 star quarterback’s mother with a 2×4 in 2002. Conduct such as that, if true, can not be allowed represent Arkansas. It demonstrates a hostility that had to have been instilled in her from someone. Many suspect it was her husband, the highest paid employee in the state, that instilled such hostility.

When you add the fact that we finish near the bottom every year in passing and every quarterback that has played under Nutt has regressed and gotten worse as time went by, it becomes clear there are plenty of on the field and off the field reasons for this state to look for new leadership for a program that deserves the very best.

The banners are a plea from fans that have been long ignored and brushed aside by those that think it is OK to employ a mediocre coach to oversee the finest sports facilities in America.

It’s time that Arkansas employed a Head Coach and staff that lives up to the monuments of sports excellence along Razorback Road.

Thank you,

The fans behind the banners

Thursday Trough

I’m heading out of town again today so here is your Thursday Trough (look for the story to be updated with news if something breaks when I’m gone).

USC quarterback Mitch Mustain has issued a Freedom of Information act request to the University of Arkansas. He’s asking for the records from the investigation into the harassing emails that were sent to him from Teresa Prewett, a Nutt Family Friend. (ht Arkansas Times Blog) It’s SEC Media Days and here is a roundup of stories from the Razorbloggers. College Football News has their SEC Fearless Predictions up. Fanblogs grades the Football Conferences (SEC-B+). Finally, the tennis team begins play in Tulsa at the ITA Regional.

Wednesday Trough

These out of town trips are killing me! Here’s your late Wednesday Trough….

The Expats look into the Butch Davis rumors…Fanblogs says Davis’ contract with North Carolina has no “out” clause. The Hog Blogger beats me to the punch by posting the “Vote For Ned” video first during FIU week. The media has picked the hoop hawgs to finish first in the west at SEC Media Days. (Look for a flood of SEC Hoop days stories tomorrow) Marcus Monk’s status for Saturday’s FIU game depend on if his knee swelled today. Finally, here’s another look at Felix Jones.

Update: I forgot to acknowledge the greatness that is Jerkwheat for producing the ned video. You’ll find him either contributing to the pop culture blog Dead On or commenting on Deadspin posts.

Saturday’s Banner Info…

I received the following from Zook Nutt!/Reganite (who’ll be called Reganite going forward)….

There will be a third banner flying before this weekend’s game against Florida International in Fayetteville. The flight time is between 9:00am and 9:30am, due to a previous engagement scheduled for the plane after that.

This weeks banner offers a helpful suggestion for Coach Nutt.



Tuesday Trough

The Razorbloggers look at the rest of the football schedule. The Hogblogger says DMac’s Heisman Hopes are Dead. Arkansas Sports 360 touches on DMac’s NFL Draft future. The Morning News thinks Felix is faster this year than DMac. Arkansas defensive end Adrian Davis is listed as Co-Starter after his performance at Ole Miss. QB Kale Pick, who had given Arkansas a verbal commitment, has backed out and verbally committed to Kansas. Arkansas Junior Jonathan Luigs has been named SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week.

FTB:Taking the Darksider Turn on Nutt

This week from Robert Shields…

Sometimes you have to take a side. You can’t serve two masters, even when trying to serve neither. Eventually, you’re either for us or against us.

I am frequently condemned in e-mail messages after a column is printed for being a bad fan. My reply over and over again is that being a fan is not my job. I cannot be a fan while writing my column. I just write an opinion. It’s not my job to do the propaganda for the Program as they have a whole department allocated to do such work and they do it well.

But this week, you get a subjective piece being my opinion as a fan not a writer of this column.