The Trough

Former Hog Corliss Williamson is retiring and becoming an assistant coach at Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock.
Corliss was part of the ’94 Championship squad and won an NBA title with Detroit in 2004. The Hogblogger has a nice tribute up.

AOL Fanhouse Rips on Nutt…Repeatedly.

First Second Third
AOL Fanhouse

Danny Nutt Banned From Coaching Booth
I didn’t realize that the NCAA had restrictions on who could be in the “Bench Area” or the coaches booth. D. Nutt, who was seen Saturday in the coaches booth, has been notified that he is no longer allowed in either area. The UA won’t be punished for the previous transgressions.
Whole Hog Sports
UPDATE: The Hogblogger links to a picture from which shows DN in the booth.

Arkansas Golf Finishes Fourth at Wolf Run Intercollegiate

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