Arkansas-38 Alabama-41

A few thoughts…

*The Hogs showed great heart in the loss. What a comeback.

*The Refs- Questionable Interference Call and what’s with not starting the game clock after the Bama 1st down?

*McFadden willed this team to it’s lead. I’m curious to find out why he didn’t see game action after 38-31.

*Arkansas has a good Kentucky squad, who defeated #9 Louisville tonight, coming to Fayetteville next week.

One comment

  1. Greg · September 15, 2007

    We lost this game because of alot of reasons, one being that we do not have a strong passing game and they did to the point that our defense set back and almost always let them catch. Second, if a player is ejected from a game send his butt striaght to the lockerroom, I did not see Nutt or any others come up to him with a good reeming in hand. And why is Harrison even out there after what he is facing. We have to have heart & caracter & leadership for these guys on this team right now it is not happen. Bad coverage on defense, balls should have been blocked or heaven forbid caught . Then of course you have Dmac run to the right just about evertime, maybe the middle, hardly any left. Then in the last ctrical moments of the game Dmac & Crew are on the sidelines this makes zero sence, why wasn’t Hillis and Jones out there we needed them badly.I could go on & on but they did get in there and score some well needed points. It boils down to Coach Nutt lost this game himself and cant shift blame to any others. There I said it, we are just in shock that we did not pull this game off with a win. We have ran off some of the most promising QB’s.We all khow about Mustain but what about Ryan Mallett who is in Mich. now hope you got to see that game. I feel the new AD should call for Nutt’s job to end asap

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