Final Predictions

South Carolina
The Ole Ball Coach gets close but the Hogs pull it out.
Hogs 24-The other USC 21

I can’t see Fulmer letting his team forget last years embarrassment. Not at home anyway.
Hogs 24-Vols 35

Mississippi State
The bulldogs fight valliantly to protect Croom’s job and fall just short.
Hogs 35-Dogs 31

The Class of the SEC shows Arkansas how to close out a Championship regular season
Hogs 14-LSU 35

Regular Season 9-3
We’ll tie Bama for 2nd in the west, losing the tiebreaker due to the early season loss. We’ll end up in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl versus either the Sooners or Okie St. McFadden realizes it’s his last game as a Hog and literally carries us to a suprise win.
Hogs 35-Whomever 31

Overall 10-3
McFadden Finishes 2nd in Heisman Voting.

We’ll revisit this after new years.

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