Rivals.com Names ’94 Hogs #8 of 64 Era

Rivals.com names the top ten teams since the NCAA tournament was expanded to 64 teams in 1985. They have the ’94 team at #8.

Arkansas topped the 100-point mark eight more times and put together a 19-point average margin of victory on its way to a 31-3 record, which culminated in the school’s first national championship.

The Hogs got back to the 1995 title game, but lost to a 32-1 UCLA squad which is also on our list.

“I remember watching the film of Arkansas as we prepared to play them and seeing all the weapons they had,” said former Duke star Grant Hill, whose Blue Devils lost to Arkansas 76-72 in the 1994 title game. “You realized they could embarrass you. They were the kind of team that could blow you out.

“They just constantly threw bodies at you, and in some cases their second unit was just as good as the first.”

Rivals.com Top Ten List
Rivals.com Arkansas Story
Via Arkansas Business

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