McFadden Going Pro…or Not

ESPN’s Pat Forde talked to Darren McFadden’s Mother last week and Forde quoted her as saying…

“He told me [Friday], ‘Mom, I’ll be through in December,'” Mini Muhammed said. “I said, ‘What you mean?’ He said, ‘I’ll be through.’ That’s what he told me.”

Asked if that meant her son would be entering the draft and joining the NFL, Muhammed said, “Yeah. He’ll be making big money.”

The next day she backtracked and her son held a press conference after Saturday’s scrimmage to deny the reports. The Links Below are the original ESPN story, The Morning News story about McFadden’s Press Conference, and AOL Fanhouse’s opinion on the story which I tend to agree with (He’s Leaving regardless of what he’s saying now).

The Morning News
AOL Fanhouse

One comment

  1. ssreporters · August 14, 2007

    You’ll never ever get a statement which won’t be changed within a couple of days.

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