College Football Magazine Mania

Chris Givens looks at the popularity of the preseason college football magazines and cover boy Darren McFadden. Houston Nutt mentions he glances at them and McFadden’s exposure has helped Arkansas’ recruiting. Givens lists where Arkansas is ranked in the most popular publications at the end of the article.

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  1. GonzoHog · July 15, 2007

    The Hogs ranking being as low as 34th and 37th in the country is nothing but pure stupidity by the anlyst. Pretty much everyone knows the Hogs have the best backfield in the country. Some of these guys are saying the Hogs lost a lot on defense, but failed to elaborate who. On defense, Malcolm Shepard will fill the void, left by Jamal Anderson, nicely. They have a strong nucleus at the LB. position to be even stronger than last year. Thier biggest ? is who will step up at CB, and replace Chris Houston. Casey Dick will improve at QB, and the Hogs passing attack will improve also, I promise you.

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