Mandel’s Mailbag & Worst/Best Coaches

SI’s Stewart Mandel Names his 10 Best and Worst College Football Coaches in his mailbag today. Those Who Just Missed The 10 Worst List…

Georgia Tech’s Chan Gailey (who gets a one-year reprieve for winning a division title, even if he did still manage to lose his requisite five games), Nebraska’s Bill Callahan, Arizona’s Mike Stoops, Illinois’ Ron Zook and Arkansas’ Houston Nutt.

Then he answers the question…

Does Arkansas have to win at least 10 games before Darren McFadden has a shot at winning the Heisman?

10 Worst

One comment

  1. Miles Hogan · August 30, 2008

    Stewart Mandel is the most biased sports writer in history. He doesn’t think that a conference located anywhere other than the Eastern or South
    Eastern seaboard exists. I will be anxious to see what he has to say when Arizona State kicks butt against Ohio State the perennial BCS loser.

    The Pac 10 is just as competitive and strong as ANY of the conferences he loves. As for BCS they can take out the ‘C’ because all it represents is ‘BS’.

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