The Trough-The New Slop

Today I got a comment from “Jim” complaining about stealing the term “The Slop”.

The first time I heard of the website was when I stumbled upon a message board called “The Pigpen”. Booth Rand ran it and it was eventually was sold to, and renamed “The Hill”. When Rand was running the pigpen he created what was essentially a for Razorback Headlines, it was called the slop. When you went to originally it gave you 2 links. One was for the pigpen, One was for the slop. I submitted occasionally and read religiously. Once the pigpen was sold, you went straight to the slop when you went to The Pigpen is now “The Hill” and Slopnet closed it’s doors sometime in March I believe. You’ll find links to’s copy of the old sites below.

I was inspired to create this blog from the hard work put into the website by Booth Rand and others. When they closed up shop I began. As a tribute to that site I called my link dumps “The Slop”. Since I’ve gotten a complaint I won’t be using the term “The Slop” for the posts I use as Link Dumps. They’ll now be known as “The Trough”. I appreciate all our readers and hope you stay with us into the future!’s Original page

LINK-An Archive of “The Slop” page.

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