Cool Off Hog Fan

York has come out with collegiate licensed Air Conditioners. If your one of those who likes to take fandom to the extreme, this might be for you. Personally, I think this is crazy.Hog AC

York Heating and Air


  1. Jeremy · July 7, 2007

    that is just ridiculous and you know people will buy it. This is close the same level as being able to get a coffin with your schools logo on the inside.

  2. jameson · July 11, 2007

    On the inside of the coffin? Some want the outside of the coffin to be representative of their school. That would be for the diehard fan. Myself and the editor have had this conversation. Zac, I think our wives might let us have the air unit but we will have no control over the coffin. HA HA.


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