Inside Mississippi St’s Blowouts

Inspired by Ryan Ferguson’s Croomed feature on AOL Fanhouse, fellow Fanhouse blogger Andy Katzer looked up more stats in the SEC and found out how bad the Bulldogs really are.

* all but one SEC team has beaten MSU by at least 14 points
* all but two SEC teams have beaten MSU by at least 14 in Starkville
* all but three SEC teams have beaten MSU by at least 17 in Starkville

Now I’ll let you guess how Arkansas fits into this (see link below), but you can assume that they fall into one of the three above categories.

AOL Fanhouse

Arkansas’ NBA Draft History

Rush the Court had done some nice work in compiling all the schools with NBA Draft pics by school and digging into that info. One stat of note to Arkansas fans is the fact that the school has only produced 14 NBA picks despite 26 NCAA appearances, 4 Final Fours and one national title.

I believe this is related to the fact that most of the success the Razorbacks had came while Nolan Richardson was head coach. Much like the QB’s that came out of Florida during Steve Spurrier’s time there, Nolan’s players were successful because of the system the coach ran, not each individuals basketball prowess. I’m sure the scouting departments around the NBA felt the same way.

Rush The Court

Pelphrey Makes The Rounds While The Team Trains

Arkansas Head Coach John Pelphrey made a stop in Fort Smith this past Monday to attend the Ralph Memorial Golf Tournament played at the Forrest City Country Club. He stopped and talked with local media and had good things to say about one of his first three recruits, Forrest City’s Marcus Britt.

Pelphrey was back in Fayetteville Wednesday manning his basketball camp, while his team was training for the up coming season.

“ We call him ‘ Military Man, ’” Arkansas senior guard Gary Ervin said of Pelphrey, before joining his teammates for the grueling workout

Pelphrey is having strength and conditioning coach Kelly Lambert focus on strength training the first part of the summer. The second part will focus on cardio work, with an aim towards improving stamina.

Pelphrey at Ralphs (Times-Herald)
Running Razorbacks (Whole Hog Sports)

The Slop

I’m thinking of starting “The Slop” as an occasional feature to place stories I’d like to link to but don’t want to place a full post around. Let me know in the comments if you like these or not.

Who’ll Get Croomed?
AOL Fanhouse looks at which SEC coach will get “Croomed”. What’s Croomed you ask? Its when Mississippi St., coached by Sylvester Croom, achieves a major upset, and the coach of the losing team loses his job before the start of the next football season.

Which SEC Coach has the most blowout losses?
This list wrongly excludes Vandy, Kentucky, and both Mississippi schools.
Via AOL Fanhouse

Both Links were found via The Playing Field Blog

Former Hog Arrested (Sorta)

From the AP via

Samford University football player Michael Sherrod Hall is being held on federal bank robbery charges after being arrested in connection with the robbery of a Hoover bank Friday morning.

Hall, 20, was stopped on Interstate 20 East at 11:15 a.m. Friday in Douglas County, Ga., by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department – two hours after a man used a handgun to rob the AmSouth Bank at 102 Inverness Center Plaza in Hoover, police said.

Hall transferred to the Samford in January 2006 after being redshirted in his freshman year at Arkansas.
Via AOL Fanhouse

Herring Actually A Softie

Wally Hall’s column today mentions a tale from Blane Johnson of Melbourne. Johnson took a carload of 5th Graders to Houston Nutt’s Football Camp and stuck around to watch. One child, who had recently lost his mother to cancer, got homesick. The story follows how Arkansas Defensive Coordinator Reggie Herring helped the child through his troubles and has a surprising ending, if you know only of Herring’s rough gruff exterior.

You’ll have to scroll halfway thru his article to find the story, past the ASU mascot talk.

Like It Is (

Inman Unsure About ARSN Future/Barrett Kills Sports Rap

In today’s Arkansas Arkansas-Democrat Gazette Scott Inman states that he’s been asked to continue in his role as the Arkansas Razorback Sports Network (ARSN) Scoreboard Show host. He responded by saying…

“That’s something I’ve yet to decide,” Inman said. “It’s been told to me that I’m welcome to stay. That’s something I’ll have to think about.”

Also mentioned in the story is that as of Friday, June 29th, Barrett’s version of “Sports Rap” will be no more. It was widely publicized earlier this year when Barrett left Arkansas Radio Network’s Sports Rap, and had an agreement that would allow ownership of the name “Sports Rap” to go with him after a period of 12 months. During those 12 months Barrett and ARN would co-own the name. The deal at the time was to allow ARN to continue using the name “Sports Rap”, while Barrett did the same, till the end of the agreement when Barrett would assume sole ownership.