McFadden Likes Dressing in Drag

Heisman Hopeful, and Arkansas Razorback, Darren McFadden wore a clown outfit, complete with face paint, to all of his classes last Halloween. This came as no shock to those who knew McFadden in High School at Pulaski Oak Grove (thanks Chris).

“He wore dresses to school,” says McFadden’s favorite high school teacher, Leecie Henson.

Say again?

Yes, dresses. And not just on Halloween.

At times, McFadden would raid his grandmother’s closet, and who knows where else, and wear the most hideous looking outfits he could find to school. “He has the ugliest legs ever,” Henson says. “He would wear these dresses with tennis shoes, and after a while the teachers would get used to it. He just loves to make people laugh.”

Via Arkansas Times Blog


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  4. jameson · July 2, 2007


    Just sittin at work thought I would say WHAT UP.



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  6. Chris · December 15, 2007

    McFadden didn’t go to Central, he went to Oak Grove High, in North Little Rock, I don’t know where you get your resources from, but your wrong.

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