Hatfield’s ’63 Punt Return Recognized by Maisel

Ivan Maisel has listed the 100 most iconic moments in college football. Coming in at #71 is an 81 yard punt return by Ken Hatfield against Texas during Arkansas’ 1963-64 championship season.

From Hogwired.com

Hatfield, the national leader in punt returns in 1963, caught the 47-yard punt on the Arkansas 19-yard line. He ran down the sideline, with help from a Jim Lindsey block, to score the 81-yard touchdown.


Via Hogwired.com


  1. Sue Crawford · August 24, 2007

    Ken is a wonderful human being… I was too young to know him as a player, and he meant nothing to me as a coach, but now that he is a volunteer at the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas – I am so impressed by his kindness and dedication!

  2. Dan Vinson · March 19, 2008

    I was there. The runback was not the only great play that Ken Hatfield made that day. I was playing High School Ball at the time and did my best to be like Ken Hatfield. I have not had the opportunity to meet any of my old heros, but Ken Hatfield would be at the top of my list of to do’s. Ken was super footballer and even better human being. Ken Hatfield made my life better.

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