Pelphrey Makes The Rounds While The Team Trains

Arkansas Head Coach John Pelphrey made a stop in Fort Smith this past Monday to attend the Ralph Memorial Golf Tournament played at the Forrest City Country Club. He stopped and talked with local media and had good things to say about one of his first three recruits, Forrest City’s Marcus Britt.

Pelphrey was back in Fayetteville Wednesday manning his basketball camp, while his team was training for the up coming season.

“ We call him ‘ Military Man, ’” Arkansas senior guard Gary Ervin said of Pelphrey, before joining his teammates for the grueling workout

Pelphrey is having strength and conditioning coach Kelly Lambert focus on strength training the first part of the summer. The second part will focus on cardio work, with an aim towards improving stamina.

Pelphrey at Ralphs (Times-Herald)
Running Razorbacks (Whole Hog Sports)

One comment

  1. Pammy-Wammy · October 24, 2007

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Marcus Britt my friend boy u doin it big ain’t it

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