Arkansas’ NBA Draft History

Rush the Court had done some nice work in compiling all the schools with NBA Draft pics by school and digging into that info. One stat of note to Arkansas fans is the fact that the school has only produced 14 NBA picks despite 26 NCAA appearances, 4 Final Fours and one national title.

I believe this is related to the fact that most of the success the Razorbacks had came while Nolan Richardson was head coach. Much like the QB’s that came out of Florida during Steve Spurrier’s time there, Nolan’s players were successful because of the system the coach ran, not each individuals basketball prowess. I’m sure the scouting departments around the NBA felt the same way.

Rush The Court

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  1. rtmsf · June 28, 2007

    Hello fellow WordPresser:

    Thanks for the link. We’ve always respected the Hawg program, and are hopeful that Pelphrey can get them back to where they were a decade ago.

    We also wanted to plug that we updated our stats for two consecutive days beyond that initial posting – yesterday we looked at the rounds broken down; today we looked at it by decade.



    Best Regards.


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