Hogwired.com Gets Redesign

The University of Arkansas announced Friday that the university’s men’s athletic website, http://www.hogwired.com, has been relaunched. The university’s press release touts more video, online photo and mobile stores, and more interactivity. Also mentioned is a brand new live stats feature called XOS GameWatcher, which leverages 3-D graphics for a more interactive experience. XOS GameWatcher will appear on www. hogwired. com in time for football season. XOS is the official sports technology provider for the university. The press release is linked below.



  1. Lee Bayley · July 27, 2007

    It has been rather tough and embarrassing to be a true hog living in Texas….after 8 straight wins the whole program went into a nosedive….I grew up in Springdale and was proud to have so many kids come out of that school….what the hell happened….is there anyone who can manage that football team?


  2. David Burnett · November 22, 2007

    It is rather tough to be a True Hog Fan right now. We do not have the best team in the SEC right now. We have a football team that is good, we have a coach that definitely cares about the kids on the team. We have kids that screw up. I screwed up when I was that age. I just hope that all of the Springdale/Malazon/Mustain fans get what they want. That is all that is important.!

    A longtime “follower ” of the Razorbacks!!!

  3. mike · November 11, 2008

    i paid for razorvision everytime i try yo log on i cant find it it wants to start over again on the 3 easy steps to join i have already joined but cant find a log in site

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